Tanks, beautiful tanks

There’s something special about finally getting delivery of our tanks. Up to now it’s been an empty warehouse but now that the tanks are packing out one end of it, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas a brewery.

Which means putting off making decisions on labels and beer names is getting that bit more difficult. Getting the beer labels right has become the mother of all tasks. Should it be cool, simple, edgy, funny, off the wall? A blank label that allows the beer to speak for itself spikes our interest until Big Government insist we put all kinds of facts, figures and warnings on the label. Yup, time to leave that for another day…

Some of the tanks arrive

Some of the tanks arrive

But for now……the tanks. From the big fat mash tun to the hulking hot liquor tank to the fit looking fermenters – it takes all sorts to make a brewery! Decisions on marketing can surely wait one more day while we hook these bad boys, honies girls tanks up.