Hops, Beautiful Hops

You know things are getting close to launching when

1. The conversation moves from what type of tanks to what type of bottle


2. You start thinking about brewing again.

For months, the talk around here has been less about beer and more about stainless steel, plumbing and electrics. Stainless steel has been fondly referred to by its type, “304 or 316”, the difference between RJT / BSP / NPT fittings is no longer a matter of letters and delta or star wiring for heating elements is that bit less confusing.

Hugely exciting, we’re now back to talking about the finer things involved in beer. Grain and hop varieties, labels, bottles and even the color of the caps are throwing themselves up all waiting for decisions to be made.

Surely, it can only be a small while more until we have some kick ass beer fermenting in our tanks!