Gearing up for launch

There’s a real air of excitement around the brewery. Or maybe it’s just me! Bottles arrived today, now we just need to wait for our bottling equipment which should be here tomorrow. Thousands of bottles packed onto crates and not one mention of green bottles on a wall…Even though the beer will be brewed soon, we have to wait just a while more until it matures. We’re determined not to rush beer out the door, taking the view that if it ain’t the right time, it just ain’t the right time!

The retail marketing side of things is a tad unfamiliar to us but very exciting nonetheless. Everything from labels to keyrings, hats and posters need to be decided upon, checked, triple-checked and then….changed.

For now, we’re gearing up to have our first full brew day on a commercial scale. it’s time to start sterilising everything. Taps, hoses, pumps, heat exchangers and tanks all have to be tackled with military efficiency in what is sure to become a pretty regular routine. On the plus side, you get to first name terms with the equipment as you strip, wash and then re-assemble it all.