It’s Cold. Great!

It’s been stormy, cold and generally very wintery around the brewery – not much surprise there then given that we’re in the early days of January. But to every cloud there is a silver lining – the cold is great for fermenting our current beers saving us a few bob on running the coolers! Score!

Our first two beers are lagers which probably goes against the common sense of other new breweries who are apt to launch with ales. Ales ferment at a warmer temperature than lagers and are more forgiving with the fermentation process. Lagers require cold temperatures to ferment – anything down to zero celsius and thus are that bit more expensive to produce, never mind the initial outlay in cooling equipment.

Never ones to do things the easy way, we’ve decided to take the plunge and go for lagers. It’s what we’re used to having brewed many in the past. Scaling the recipes and volumes up to the scale of commercial production has been exciting if a bit nerve wrecking at times. We’re producing two lagers, both which will be naturally carbonated and bottle conditioned. The designs for the labels are just about finished and are due to be sent to the HSE for approval early next week. After that it’s off to the printers. We’ll post full details of the beer soon.

We finished hooking up the (manual) bottling machine to a filling tank so we’re just about ready to roll. The labeling machine has been ordered (here’s hoping to straight labels on the bottles – ah the problems of startups!) and should be here in the next few days. If you come aross a crooked label, relish it as one of the rare first beers from Munster Brewery. Heck, stick it in storage and watch it appreciate in value!  But all in all, we’re on the home straight with our first batch of beer. Barring unforeseen explosions or broken bones, our beer should be out around the end of January. Yah!