Brewery New Year Resolutions 2014

Is it too late to write down the list of resolutions for 2014? With so much going on this blog post is running late but like everything else around the brewery, it does get done in time! A flick back on these at the end of the year will be epic or face palming. We’re hoping epic.

Top of the list is to have the beers out by the end of January. We’re almost done bottling, labels are ordered, boxes on the way so the final push is on. It’s super exciting ticking off the days.

Second – Not to worry too much about the latest and greatest technology. Too often, brewers get caught up in having the fastest bottling machine, filtration system or keg washer. We’re a startup. Not a mega million enterprise. That we can’t fill six thousand bottles an hour makes not a bit of difference to the beer! That we’re not filtering our beer to an obscene level (and removing all the taste in the process) is a good thing!
It’s the quality of the beer that matters most, not the quantity! Sometimes, we forget beer has been brewed since shortly after the wheel was invented. Technology is only good to make things more efficient – it is not an absolute necessity to making scrumptious beer!

Third – Get a whiteboard. With so much going on this will be a nifty addition. Better than a clipboard with a list of  jobs. Plus, you get to doodle on a large scale. There really are no negatives.

Fourth – Get a dedicated conditioning tank. At the moment, we’re using one of our fermenters for conditioning. A dedicated tank would be be a step up so before 2014 ends, we’ll have our conditioning tank. Two more fermenters would be ultra cool. Along with a kegging machine and automatic bottler. Subject to resolution 2.

Fifth – To bring out a super, duper, ultra special beer. This is something we’ve already begun working on and it promises to rock. It’s also top secret and we really, really don’t want to have to bury you under our tanks, so no details yet. Penciled in for a September release.

Sixth – We need to fly the flag. Which means getting a flag. Dreams are made of this stuff.

Seventh – We have two lagers in production. We’ve been busy brewing test batches of an ale and stout, refining the recipe. We want to get these out during the year, where exactly they’ll fit into the brewing schedule is for people with better brains to figure out.