blackguard-thumbA beer made for the times you want to kick back and just chill out, Blackguard is lightly hopped and slow lagered, producing a beer that’s mellow to the first taste.

Blackguard (pronounced ‘Blaggard’) is an Irish slang word meaning ‘troublemaker’. As in, “Stop blaggarding will ya?” or “You Blaggard!”. We suspect the name will be apt for us as our brewery grows.

Blackguard-bottleDecrying the call that every craft beer has to be hopped (wet and dry) to the nth degree and thereafter to extinction, Blackguard strikes out as a light tasting beer where the flavours and aromas have blended and settled. Focused on the malts, this is a finely balanced lager and in many ways, Blackguard is one of our more technical beers to brew – it’s long lagering period produces a beer where everything just has to balance.

Blackguard is a lager, meaning it is a bottom fermenting yeast that works slowly over time, giving a cleaner, crisper profile to the beer. Fermented at low temperatures, the extra time given to maturation produces what we believe a lager should be. There’s no way to rush this. Time is equally important as the hops and malt in this one.

This is a beer where we cold condition for up to 3 months to ensure a crisp, smooth profile.

Like all our beers, Blackguard is bottle conditioned so some sediment may occur in the bottle. If you have bits in your beer, celebrate that you’re smart enough to choose a beer that’s natural, pure and brewed in traditional fashion.

 Serving: Pour into glass leaving the bottom sediment in the bottle. Best served at 4-6 degrees celsius.

Food pairings: Blackguard is well suited to salad, poultry and fish. Goes down well on hot days and lazy summer evenings.