Name our Beer!

Hello. We are Munster Brewery. We come from a place that’s pretty cool.

Stretched along 3 miles of beach, holiday makers flock here during the summer. In winter, the stormchasers brave the 20 foot high waves as they crash over the local park.

This place drips with history going back centuries. Hangings, floggings and rebellions roll seamlessly into one throughout the ages.

This is a place where an easterly wind means you should probably think about sandbags at your front door before the floods hit. Where placenames such as Cromwell’s Arch, The Diving Rocks, Town Walls and Slob Bank don’t raise an eyebrow.

That Place? Youghal.

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We’re pretty proud to come from here. But it really isn’t the beaches or the history or the scenery that make Youghal what it is. That comes from the people. It’s the ingrained sense of community. More local groups and clubs than you can shake a stick at. Festivals throughout the year. Cafes, pubs and restaurants buzzing with the sound of craic and stories. The hum of conversation as cyclists, walkers and runners whiz by. Even the quiet nod from the stranger as you pass by.

We’re proud we come from Youghal. We think we have one of the hidden treasures of the country tucked away out of sight. This is our way of putting our hometown on bottles that will be sent countrywide. Its our way of marketing our town all over Ireland. We want YOU to name that beer! The biggest rule is the name must be related to Youghal.

To enter, email your entry along with your name and contact details to or text to 087 9878171. You can also enter on our Facebook Page

In return, the winning entry will receive a holiday voucher worth €100 plus the first case of Youghal’s new beer!

The Rules? You must be over 18. The name must be related to Youghal. By entering, you relinquish all claims, ownerships and rights to the name worldwide. Closing date is 19th August, 2014. The decision on winning entry is final and no correspondence will be entered into.