Drink. Like You’ve Never Drank Before. #Craftbeer

Somethings were made to be different. Nobody ever achieved anything by
doing the same thing as everybody else. We’ve always been different,
never quiet fitting in. We know that. As we grow older, maybe we care
less. We can’t please everyone and you know what, we’re not interested
in pleasing everyone. For us, what matters is doing what we want to do. We brew beer the way we love it.

And that’s the way beer should be. This image of beer as yellow, fizzy and
crystal clear is something of a modern invention – a bit like adding
chemicals into food and water, it has to be cleverly marketed to the
masses and made normal. But beer has never been like that. For thousands
of years, beer has been brewed without chemicals, huge variations of
styles depending where you were and the local ingredients available at
the the time of brewing.

The food movement in general has seen something of a progression in the
sense of taking a step backwards away from the mass industrialisation of
food, the loading of food with sugars, chemicals and salts. Slowly,
people are waking up to what is being done to their food. The nicely
packaged meat that lasts months is stuffed full of chemicals. The daily
bread that doesn’t mould has been pumped full of preservatives. The
toxic ingredients in toothpaste, body wash, shampoos, cleaners and
plastic packaging. The artificial sweetners designed to stimulate the
reward system of the body. People are becoming more aware of what is
being done in the name of mass production of food and hopefully, people
are turning away from it.

So, we’re proud to stay outside all this. We refuse to follow the
‘market’ as if the ‘market’ was some standardised unit that could tell a
brewer what to brew. We’ll leave that to the big watery beer brewers. We’ll
brew beer we want to drink and hope that you do too. We don’t use
chemicals and if you can’t imagine a beer that isn’t crystal clear and super fizzy, well, that’s your problem.

Our beers are different. ‘Craft’ is a term that can be flogged to death
and is being flogged to death in the beer industry. Everything is craft,
even when it’s brewed by pushing a few buttons.

For us, craft means handmade and that definitely applies to the way we
brew. We want to bring craft beer back to what it truly is – locally
brewed beer with the finest ingredients – not the cheapest. Free from
chemicals. Brewed as nature intended.

Getting all that into a slogan was proving hard. It’s been just about
twelve months since we launched (party?) but eventually we’ve fixed on a
slogan that says what we’re about.

Pretty darn chuffed about it too.