Hail Birmingham!

Birmingham! We are on our way to you and we’re pretty damn excited about it. This April, we’ll be at the Food and Drink Expo at the NEC, our first trade show in the UK.


blackguard-manStand L120 is where it’s all happening. We’ll be part of the Taste Cork stand and the aroma of delicious beer will guide you the rest of the way.

The Cork Local Enterprise Board are the geniuses bringing us along and we’re already brewing for the show. You see, twelve months ago, getting to Birmingham for one of the largest Food and Drink shows in the UK was a pipe dream, a little dot on a map hung on our wall, part of a thousand other dots that we had to tackle if we were to get off the ground.



tastecork-1One year later and that dot was getting a lot bigger and a lot closer and figuring out how to make it happen was looming large. So when the local Cork Enterprise Board offered us the opportunity to go, damned we’ll be if we passed it up. All of a sudden we’re planning our trip and brewing extra beer.


We are are super excited about this. Bringing our beer to the UK and spreading our mission just got a whole lot more real. The UK is streets ahead of Ireland in terms of understanding what craft beer is all about. It’s not craft for the sake of being craft – unless you happen to be a mega commercial brewery buying up little craft breweries in the hope of fooling the people some more into buying overpriced chemical laden beers brewed made by accountants.


It’s craft because it’s brewed by people, not robots. It’s craft because the people behind it brew it for the beer, for the taste, to push boundaries and explore a thousand variations of every recipe to find the perfect one for them. We’re excited to bring our take on that to Birmingham and we’ll be rocking in on the 18th – 20th April.


Come say hello. Let’s talk Beer.