Cork Kerry Food Forum Photoshoot

We usually don’t need much of an excuse to get out, so it didn’t take much convincing for us to take off down to Greystones in Wicklow for a photoshoot to launch the Cork Kerry Food Forum.

Even better, we were meeting another set of identical twins, The Happy Pear. These guys are an overnight success (after 12 years of hard work!) who started with a veg shop and now run two cafés, a food production business and have a new book out. Their awesome really and we were just blown away by the really good vibe around the café.

Even better, Stephen and David are totally committed to serving up healthy, natural foods, an ethos that sits well with us. We don’t believe in adding chemicals to food unless you really need to cut corners and boost profits which is just greedy really. It takes the goodness out of a business.

Joleen made the pictures so easy and Trish from the Cork Local Enterprise Office was on hand to ensure everything went super efficient.


Turns out Joleen is also the organiser of the Irish Red Head Convention, taking place in Crosshaven this 19-21 August. No, you don’t have to be a red head to attend but come with a red wig. Nobody will know.

The Cork Kerry Food Forum takes place this year 26-27th June at Cork City Hall and sees a ton load of local producers showing the stunning array of goods produced in the region. We’re definitely gonna be there so be sure to stop by!!