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A beer made for the times you want to kick back and just chill out, Blackguard is lightly hopped and slow lagered, producing a beer that’s mellow to the first taste. Find out more here >>



Malt Heavy and hop strong, Fir Bolg aspires to its mythical name. It’s all about the malts. Find our more here >>


Silky smooth Irish Red Ale, 12 Towers holds hints of plum and raisin with a slight roast finish. Find out more here >>


Holo Kombucha

Kombucha is probably older than the Egyptian pyramids. Holo (short for ‘Holistic Organics’) holds a lovely tart balance to a well rounded drink that gives you a get up and go punch. Plus its packed full of all types of enzymes, amino acids, probiotics and generally just really good for gut health. Read more about Holo Organic Kombucha at